10 Black and White Yorkie Facts You Need to Know

The Yorks are one of the most popular breeds of dog in the world and for good reason. They are loyal, playful, and make great companions.

If you are a proud Yorkie owner, you know that these little dogs are full of personality. They are active, fast, and always ready for a good time. But the Yorks have more than just fun.

So if you want to know what makes York tick or are you thinking of moving to a smaller home, there are a few things you should know. Here are ten black and white Yorkie facts that will help you master these pint-sized tails.

What Is A Black And White Yorkie Called?

Black and white Yorkies are called Parti Yorkies. The call is derived from the “birthday celebration color” sample they have. They belong to the Yorkshire Terrier breed and are both intelligent and loyal dogs that make excellent pets. Why is it called Parti Yorkie? The Yorkshire Terrier is traditionally blue and tan (brown). However, if they have a black and white coat, they are called a Parti color or Parti joke. Black and white Yorkie (and its bloodlines) were officially recognized by the AKC only in 2000. According to this, the Parti Yorkies can be described as tricolor. They have black and white fur.

Although it differs in appearance, the Parti gene belongs to the purebred Yorks. Yorkshire Terriers often have Parti yorks in the trash. The Parti gene is what gives rise to Parti coloring. Parti Yorkie puppies cannot be born unless both parents have Parti Gene.

To sum up, black and white Yorkie are basically the same race as traditional Yorkies. The only difference is their color. Appearance and characteristics of black and white Yorkies, or part Yorkies, are small, chatty dogs that were bred as rattlesnakes and insect predators.

They can weigh up to 4-7 pounds when fully grown. Their height can go up to 7-8 inches on average.

They do not bark as much as other dogs and as such, they are considered by some to be hypoallergenic. This means they are less likely to have an allergic reaction.

They even have a double coat which makes them gentle to the touch. This is due to their topcoat and undercoat. In terms of appearance, black and white york can be either long-haired or short-haired. They usually have longer legs than other smaller breeds of dogs and are known for their round heads.

Little Known Black And White Yorkie Facts You Need To Know

1. How AKC approved Black And White Yorkie color (and other Yorkie colors)

Mrs. Gloria Lippmann was the first woman to petition the AKC to recognize the Parti Yorks as a type of color. It was approved in 2000 and was officially included in the breeding standards.

Historically, racist parties have been killing or giving Yorkies because they were considered birth defects. Nico Kennel’s maid, Gloria Lippmann, refused to kill him.

Because they were not identified by the AKC, they could not be registered when they were born with white fur.

Mrs. Lippman asked the AKC for a DNA test of the parents of the White Yorks, at great expense. The American Kennel Club shut down Mrs. Lippman’s kennel business for 18 months to test the dogs, during which time they were unable to run their business. AKC tested 42 liters in 18 months.

However, the AKC needed more samples. They now no longer believe what they had. The AKC needed more samples, so they asked other breeders if there was any white york in their trash.

The majority of these breeders answered in the affirmative, and the AKC also discovered that the black and white Yorkie, during its research with the Yorks, was more of a breeder than Mrs. Lippmann.

The AKC finally became convinced, and they added colors like white and chocolate to the Yorkshire Terrier’s color standards.

2. History has not been kind to Black And White Parti Yorkies

The introduction of the dog show saw the birth of the Yorkshire Terriers in blue and gold. Many people started to become breeders and were respected.

However, there was an interesting aspect to this story. Black and white Parti Yorkies and tri-color Yorkies were not required. They took into consideration him as a “low quality” Yorker.

Parti yorks can be seen in the Yorkie trash. Breeders began giving these dogs gold or their owners with the promise that they would not reveal the origin of the dog. 

He did not want Parti Yorkers to be associated with pure-bred Yorkshire Terriers, as this could have a negative effect on their business.

The successive genetics of the Yorks continue to pass from one generation to the next. These genes were inactive until the two Yorkies met with the Parti Yorkie genes and gave birth to the Parti Yorkie.

Because there were no physical markers to distinguish them, the breeders did not know which gene the Yorkshire Terrier was carrying. Thus the black and white Yorkie and these genes continued to circulate from generation to generation.

3. The coat of the Black And White Parti Yorkies can grow up to 2 feet long if left unattended

Parti York is generally considered to be very caring. This is because of their long and sharp coats that grow fast! Regular grooming is essential.

If the hair is not kept clean and tidy then it can look dull and dirty. Brush at least 2/3 times a week using a soft brush so that they do not stick to the skin and do not hurt.

The coat should not be kept too short as it will prevent the natural oils coming out of York’s body from shining the hair.

However, if the hair is not taken care of, it will not only cause a mat, but it can also grow very long. It can grow up to 2 feet tall if not cared for or trimmed!

This is why many Parti owners cut their hair regularly with a professional. Cutting black and white Yorkie hair at home can be difficult and time-consuming. Either he or the Parti Yorkie owners should be prepared to invest in some tools like good quality brushes and combs as well as de-shading tools!

4. They are classified as a Toy breed because of their small size

black and white Yorkie are considered a toy breed of dog because the average weight is 4 to 7 pounds, and the height is 7-8 inches.

The Yorkie’s body is long and slender, with a pointed muzzle that makes it look small, but its large head completes the effect. They have huge ears that they are able to pass to listen better.

Small dogs are known as toy breeds because they are often taken along because they are easy to do. Some people are even known to carry them in their handbags!

5. Even though they are very small, they can act fearlessly and are very protective

Parti Yorks are known for being brave and not afraid of anything! They can greatly protect their owners. They are wary of strangers and bark when they notice something unusual.

Even though they are small, they will try to protect their owners by jumping on the intruder when needed. When it comes to large dogs, they too can be fearless. Don’t let their size fool you!

Black and white Yorkie are considered the best for families because they are loving, protective, loyal, and incredibly intelligent. That is why many of them grow up in a family with children.

6. They make weird noises as a result of reverse sneezing

This is a common health concern that many Yorkers suffer from. This condition occurs when the nasal cavity narrows the throat and airways as a result of increasing pressure. When this happens, they can bark or cry as if they are trying to catch their breath. Depending on the dog, the noise may be more intense.

The best way to deal with sneezing is to make sure your yorker eats a balanced diet and stays fit and healthy.

It has been said that some dogs are more prone to this condition because of their small noses.


Most Hudders consider Field Bean to be the father of the race. Stud Dog was a ranking champion and a confident competitor in dog shows. He has won more than 70 awards. He was a heavy dog, weighing 11 pounds, but all his litters turned out to be puppies weighing less than 5 pounds, which was standard at the time. Although he lived to be only six years old, he left an impressive legacy: Most of the Yorkers born to the show today are Ben-era relatives.


Black and white Yorkie don’t fall, which means they rely on their owners to keep their hair. Without attention, their hair will continue to grow, just like a human being. While show dogs have long hair, most casual owners keep their dog’s hair short so they don’t get tripped or get caught in it. This ugly shape is often called a “dog cut”.


In 1984, Schneifloken von Frederick, a young Yorker, was born with unusual markings in blue, white, and gold. Breeders Werner and Gertrude Beaver decided to take this unique dog and create a new breed. With careful and selective breeding, they set a different standard for this breed, known as the Biewer Terrier. In 2014, the American Kennel Club temporarily accepted New York as a registered race.


Yorks are small dogs that weigh an average of seven pounds, but no one seems to notice. Dogs have no problem catching animals much bigger than them.

In August 2015, Larry Epps left his house early in the morning when it was still dark. A bear was crawling into his trash can and attacked the man. The Yepis fought well but struggled to stay away from the angry 200-pound mammal. Fortunately, his Yorkie was there to touch the attacker’s heels and distract him so that the two could quickly escape. Thanks to the intervention of his pet, the bloody victim managed to get himself to the hospital and survived to tell the story.


Black and white York is a popular breed for a reason. They are cute, fast, and make great companions. They are very easy to care for because they are so small, and they are the best pets because they are very loving and caring.

If you are thinking of adding York to your family, do your research to find out what to expect. And remember, like all dogs, York needs a lot of exercise and training. So get ready to have some fun with your new dear friend!

Do you have black and white Yorkies (Parti  Yorkies)? What’s your favorite thing about it?

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