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Buying a small Parti Yorkie dog is something to celebrate. You may have considered their names, their personalities, and everything in between. When you are taking on the responsibility of raising one of these passionate puppies, you want to do the right thing as an owner – including making sure they are growing properly.

While your doctor will accompany you every step of the way in and out, it helps to know what to expect. Health and development go hand in hand. Let’s find out what to expect at each stage of development.

Facts About the Parti Yorkie

Party Yorks are traditional Yorkshire Terriers except for their tricolor coat. When the party Yorkie is formally raised, you will have a strong, capable little dog. They may look beautiful, but don’t let that fool you.

Newborn Parti Yorkie weighs only 5 ounces. These dogs are muscular, agile, and athletic – although they weigh only between 2-and 7 pounds.

Parti Yorkie Puppy Weight Chart

At each stage of growth, your dog should fall into the weight category below.

If you think your Yorkies aren’t the same for the week, try another scale; sometimes, the home scale can be a bit off. If you have real concerns, or if their weight hasn’t changed in several weeks, contact their veterinarian with additional questions.

Parti Yorkie Puppy Weight Chart (Male)

                       Weight range 

8 weeks  12-39 oz

9 weeks 13-42 oz

10 weeks 14-45 oz

11 weeks 15-49 oz

3 months 16-53 oz

4 months 20-70 oz

5 months 24-81 oz

6 months 26-88 oz

7 months 27-89 oz

8 months 27-90 oz

9 months 28-93 oz

10 months 29-100 oz

11 months 30-110 oz

1 year    2-7 lbs

2 years 2-7 lbs

Parti Yorkie Puppy Weight Chart (Female)

                        Weight range 

8 weeks 12-36 oz

9 weeks 13-40 oz

10 weeks 14-42 oz

11 weeks 15-47 oz

3 months 16-50 oz

4 months 20-65 oz

5 months 24-73 oz

6 months 26-77 oz

7 months 27-79 oz

8 months 27-82 oz

9 months 28-88 oz

10 months 29-90 oz

11 months 30-100 oz

1 year   2-6.5  lbs

2 years 2-7 lbs

Parti Yorkie Growth Stages 

Your dog’s needs will change as they grow. It is important to know when your Parti Yorkie crosses its milestone. As the months go by, your Parti Yorkie will need vaccinations, diet adjustments, and proper exercise. Let’s test what to anticipate in their growing years.

8-week-old (2 months) Parti Yorkie


We all know that small dog teeth like needles feel like digging into your arm. They have sharp choppers and they chew literally everything. Make sure they have plenty of training tools to help them learn to chew well. Remember, they’ll lose those infant’s teeth.

Weight Care

When you bring your dog home, it’s time to see your doctor for the first time. Your Parti Yorkie should have gone to the doctor at least once before, but you have to make sure you take them anyway. They are for a series of shots and routine checkups.


Grooming creates a great experience for your relationship with your dog. The more hands-on you are in the beginning, the closer you both will be. In addition, it helps to keep their coat soft and healthy. Take care of this little tooth and ears too.


Your Parti Yorkie will have enough energy to burn at this stage, but they will also enjoy their sleep. They may still be trying to find their feet, but it will not take long for them to run at full speed.

Crate training

Puppies still don’t know how to use the bathroom outside. Also, they can be quite destructive, especially when they are left alone. It is a good idea to adapt them to crates or kennels as soon as possible so that they have a safe place to learn and grow.


Your Parti Yorkie is not over. As the months pass, they will apparently double in size. At this stage, they have to weigh between 12 and 29 ounces.

12-week-old (3 months) Parti Yorkie


Your Parti Yorkie is probably becoming very good at chewing these days. Within a few weeks, your puppy’s teeth will begin to fall out and they will have adult chompers. Patience is essential for the chewing phase, so make sure you offer a variety of toy options for creating the perfect outlets.

Weight Care

For another doctor’s visit, your dog has to have a third round of DHLPPC. Your doctor may see your dog for any abnormalities or concerns – just to make sure they are equal.


When it comes to grooming, you may still be working with your dog at this stage. Brush both teeth and skin frequently and trim nails if needed.


Your Parti Yorkie probably has more energy than you do at this stage. To achieve this, it is important to ensure that they have the right channels. Offer lots of interactive toys and don’t forget to play retrieval or tug of war.


You’ve probably noticed a big difference since the day you brought your dog home. At this stage, most Parti Yorkie weigh between 16 and 53 ounces or 1 to 3 pounds.

6-month-old Parti Yorkie


Up to this point, your dog may have adult teeth in its mouth. Although the eruption phase is nearing its end, chewing can be more frequent at any given time. Therefore, it is important to provide chewing toys for your Parti Yorkie and your belongings.

Weight Care

Until then, your Parti Yorkie should have most of their vaccines, including Bordetella, Rabies, and Giardia. Your doctor will also monitor your growth and weight.


It’s time for your first-Parti Yorkie haircut! Ready to groom so that your little boy or girl can get some pampering from professionals?


Your dog probably sleeps less and plays more in 6 months. This is a great time to teach tricks, play games, and provide mental stimulation. They need at least 30 minutes of fast activity per day.


Your Parti Yorkie is on the rise – it’s time to dump her and move on. You may find that your dog is very close to the size of the dog, but he will continue to gain weight. They should weigh between 1.5 and 5.5 pounds.

12-month-old (1 year) Parti Yorkie


If all goes well, both you and your dog will survive the dental phase challenges. They need to learn good manners – knowing what they can and cannot chew.

Weight Care

It’s time for developers. Your doctor may prescribe DHLPC, rabies, Giardia, and Lyme vaccines again.


You can take your Parti Yorkie to see their grocer every 4-6 weeks. They will give them a good bath, trim, and give them spirits.


A healthy, happy Yorker will need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day to move forward. Up to this point, they are likely to be well on their way to success and enjoy new adventures.


Most Parti Yorkie is growing in a year. At this point, they will weigh between 2-and 7 pounds.

When is Do Parti Yorkies Stop Growing?

There is a vision for development. It’s a very individual process when it comes to when a Yorkie is fully grown physically and mentally. Yorks are high-energy dogs, so they seem to grow up slowly compared to other breeds.

Physical development

Most Yorkies are completely grown with the aid of using 1 12 months of age. Generally, growth slows down to 10 months and stops completely at 12 months.

to fill

Parti Yorkie Yorks are considered full-fledged by the age of 4. By this time, your Yorkie looks much sweeter than when you remember him as a young dog. Instead of being lean and active, they get a little fuller in their overall body structure.

Mental maturity

Your Yorkies think they are puppies, even as their bodies grow. While each dog matures at its own pace, most Yorkers become mentally “all grown up” in 2-3 years.

How Does Neutering/Spaying Affect My Dog’s Growth?

You may hear different advice about the right age for a spa or a nurse according to your doctor. Some suggest that you wait until your dog is fully grown before choosing this surgery. Others feel safe recommending surgery at 6 months of age.

The argument here is that spawning or neutering affects older breeds more with growth. If a dog like Parti Yorkie Yorkie weighs less than 45 pounds, you can fix them at the age of sexual maturity.

If you have concerns about potential growth risks, talk to your doctor before scheduling.

Dangers of Growing Too Quickly or Stunted Growth

Rarely, your Parti Yorkie Yorkie may not match their growth chart. You may find that one is growing rapidly, while the other may be a little too small. But what is the cause of these problems?

Growing too fast is often a sign of malnutrition. You may not be distributing their food properly, which may cause the body of the Parti Yorkie to grow too fast.

On the other hand, slow growth can lead to many problems. This could be a parasitic infection or malnutrition. Hookworms and roundworms can eat your dog’s vital nutrients, causing them to lack a shiny coat or to grow permanently. Not giving them enough food can also lead to developmental delays.


The first year is always the most important part of your Parti Yorkie life. The goal is sustainable development. At no point do you want to see a drastic reduction or gain in growth.

Improper development can later lead to unwanted health problems – you can avoid proper nutrition and regular doctor visits. Although your Parti Yorkie may grow at their own pace, they need to grow within certain parameters to maintain a normal pattern.

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