Top 10 Pet Grooming Products Recommended by Professionals

Pet Grooming Products play an important role in caring for pets. A trip to a professional groomer can save a pet owner the time and stress of providing difficult but necessary grooming tasks such as nail trimming or muzzle shearing. And, of course, there are pets who love to be pampered by their favorite groomer at the pet salon.

To provide the most comprehensive pet grooming care, groomers look for the following tools: pet shampoo, detangling combs, bristled brushes, clippers and scissors, and nail grinders. Once you know what types of grooming tools you need, you can focus on choosing the top-rated brands to elevate your customers’ grooming experience when they’re ready. Bringing your kids in for grooming can give more value.

Table of Content

  • 1 Bissell 
  • 2 Virbac 
  • 3 Aquapaw 
  • 4 Slicker brush
  • 5 Clipper Electric 
  • 6 Combo Pet Brush
  • 7 Pride + Groom — Pet Shampoo, Conditioner, & Spray
  • 8 Thinning Shears 
  • 9 Grooming Wipes
  • Wrapping Up


If you have a pet, you know his name, Bissell. The brand is legendary for the quality of its pet hair vacuums, but it also has a line of dog and cat nail clippers and grinders that are some of the best pet grooming tools. Angled protective guard and quick guard provide extra protection for sensitive pet nails. This feature is beneficial in the hands of the home groomer (pet parent), who may need to be more comfortable trimming their dog’s or cat’s nails at home.


Just like humans, dogs can have dirty ears. Ear health is critical to a pet’s grooming routine. Without regular cleaning, the ears can become itchy or infected. This is especially true for dogs with folded ears.

Products like Virbac, an innovative ear cleaner for dogs, are sometimes overlooked as pet grooming tools, even though they are essential for a thorough groomer. Virbac is a vet-recommended product that is gentle on sensitive ears, easy to use, and removes dead skin cells.


Aquapaw Slow Treater is a pet grooming product that many pet owners wonder, why didn’t I think of that?

If you only have one dog grooming tool in your pet care business, make it the Aquapaw Slow Treater. Simply spread a peanut butter-like treat onto a silicone mold, and then stick it to the shower or tub wall, and voila! No more wandering dogs!

Slicker brush

A slicker brush is a grooming tool used primarily to remove unwanted hair, dirt, and tangles from an animal’s coat. 

The brush is designed with fine wire bristles that are close together and angled to avoid scratching the animal’s skin.

The brush also has a self-cleaning button that allows for easy removal of hair from the bristles. For large branches, it is advisable to first use a metal comb and then a smooth brush.

Clipper Electric

Clippers are specially designed grooming tools used to cut and style animal fur. They are equipped with a motorized blade that rotates at high speed, allowing for precise and efficient trimming.

Electric pet clippers can come with features including adjustable blade speed, detachable blades, and quiet operation, which can help reduce stress on pets. Pet owners, groomers, and groomers use them to keep their pets’ coats clean.

Combo Pet Brush

When considering a line of dog grooming brushes to add to your pet grooming business or recommend to clients. 

The  Combo Pet Brush was developed in collaboration with professional dog groomers and is the perfect solution for daily grooming and de-shedding. The double-sided design has stainless steel bristles on one side for detangling and nylon bristles on the other side to distribute the coat oil.

Pride + Groom — Pet Shampoo, Conditioner, & Spray

Keeping a pet’s coat in top condition is easy when you use a trusted brand like Pride + Groom.

Professional groomers consistently rate the Pride+Groom line of pet grooming products as the go-to pet grooming tool. The brand has shampoos and conditioners for almost every coat type of dog, whether they have fur, hair, or sensitive skin.

Pride + Grooms’ waterless shampoo, Mane Team, is also a popular choice for at-home prep because the no-mess formula can be applied anywhere. Mane Tame is also safe for cats, so parents with more than one pet in the household need only buy one product.

Thinning Shears

Thinning shears, as the name suggests, offer you a technique to thin your pet’s coat to give it a more natural look.

Thinning shears, which differ from traditional shears in that they have a textured blade, help separate the fur as you cut so it looks less streaky when your grooming session is over. It doesn’t need much finishing work. Inelastic, thinning shears are also called thinning shears.

Grooming Wipes

Sometimes a dog just needs a quick grooming touch-up to look in tip-top shape, and Earth Bath Grooming Wipes do just that. Even if your pet grooming business only provides dog grooming or boarding, you’ll be thankful you have easy-to-use dog grooming wipes. Earth Bath Wipes are hypoallergenic and plant-based, so they can be used between the paws or on the dog’s face to remove drool debris from a day of play.

This dog grooming tool is also a great product to feature in your retail store because the grooming wipes take seconds, and every pet parent can use them.

Flying Pig Table With Arm

This sturdy nursing table is designed for home and professional care.  It has a strong and durable steel frame with non-skid feet that prevent the table from moving for better stability. Bone textured tabletop features non-slip rubber for easy cleaning and a secure grip for your pet. It comes with an adjustable and foldable heavy-duty grooming arm that can be moved to the right or left side of the table.

Wrapping Up

Proper pet care is essential for a happy and healthy life. Regular visits to the groomer, along with quality grooming time at home, ensure that babies maintain consistent coat hygiene.

Using a combination of digital tools, like along with trusted grooming tools recommended by professionals, gives your business the foundation it needs to thrive in the competitive pet grooming space. Going the extra mile for your customers by selling the professional products you use in your grooming salon creates a consistent brand experience and keeps the pet’s coat well cared for between grooming appointments.

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