15 Traditional Felix the Cat Tattoo Designs for Women

Felix the Cat is a famous cartoon icon that first appeared in 1919. Over the decades, people of all generations have loved this cartoon cat and she has become one of the most recognizable cartoon cats ever.

Over the years, tattoo artists have received many requests for traditional Felix the Cat tattoo designs. After all, Felix the Cat is the first cartoon character in history to achieve phenomenal popularity.

Have you ever wondered what the Felix the Cat tattoo symbolizes? This tattoo often represents nostalgia for classic cartoon movies.

Felix the Cat is also a symbol of a child’s sense of wonder. It’s a trait that some people are lucky enough to carry into their adult years.

There are many reasons why a person might choose a traditional Felix the Cat tattoo design. Today, we will discuss this tattoo design’s meaning and history. Keep reading to learn more.

What is the History of Felix the Cat Tattoos?

If you want to look back on the history of Felix the Cat, you have to go back to the silent film era.

Felix the Cat quickly grew in popularity, and within a few years, a silent cartoon series and a comic strip were launched around his adventures.

When Disney introduced Mickey Mouse to cartoons, Felix the Cat’s popularity began to wane. But in the 1950s, Felix the Cat was reborn through an animated series. Over the decades, this cartoon character has grown into one of the most recognizable cartoons in history.

 Merchandise featuring this popular character has sold very well over the years. The character has appeared in clothing, accessories, toys, and even tattoos.

Looking back at the history of tattoos, cartoon character tattoos started to become trendy in the 1990s and continue to this day.

What Does a Felix the Cat Tattoo Mean?

Felix the Cat design can have many meanings for the person choosing this design. 

 Since the cartoon Felix the Cat was introduced to people of all races, you can find this tattoo design on people of different ages. 

Felix the cat is also a symbol of a child’s sense of wonder. It is believed that whoever has this cartoon character tattooed on them is able to create something wonderful out of nothing. They are the type of people who can find the positive side of any situation. One thing that stood out to audiences about Felix Bly’s personality was his Jazz Age spirit.  This represents a time when people were unworried and young. 

What are the Characteristics and Styles of a Felix the Cat Tattoo?

When people opt for a traditional Felix the Cat tattoo design, it will feature his vibrant black body, big eyes, and a big smile. However, when it comes to the style of this cartoon character, there are many different directions you can go.

Some people choose to have just the face of Felix the Cat, while others get the whole body. There are many different expressions that Felix’s tattoos can have, but some common choices are happy or mischievous. In some designs, Felix the Cat is innocent and in others, he’s up to no good.

In the early days, Felix did not have a voice, so he could not speak. However, he would whistle. It’s common for people to include it in their tattoo designs, especially if he’s being naughty.

In some designs, Felix the Cat will show on both sides. He will have one arm in front with an object that represents his good side and behind him, the other arm will have an object that represents his evil side.

People can let their creativity flow when it comes to choosing a Felix the Cat design. In the 2020s, it is more common for people to incorporate Felix the Cat into their creative designs.

Where Can Felix the Cat Tattoos Be Placed?

What makes Felix the Cat such a great cartoon character to work with is that this design can work no matter how big or small.  If one wants a little subtle design, one can get the cat face.

However, depending on where they want to place the tattoo, they create a larger design with a lot of embellishment and flare.

One of the most common places to get a traditional Felix the Cat tattoo designs is on the arm. It has plenty of space to work with and is easy to display.

 However, if you like large traditional Felix the Cat tattoo designs, they will look great on everyone’s calves. Crazy fans can get  traditional Felix the Cat tattoo designs on their back if they want more details. 

 You are not limited to your hands and feet when choosing a tattoo location. Because this cartoon character is such a versatile design to work with, you can make it fit whatever part of your body works for you.

1: Cute Cat Face Tattoos:

Human relationships with these lovable cats reverse the beginnings of our development. Various archaeological expeditions have uncovered Stone Age tombs with their expiring owners encased in them. As of now, many cat owners can’t stand to part with their beloved black tabby cat, regardless of the situation.

The cute traditional Felix the Cat tattoo designs above focus on the beautiful face of the cat. Usually, cat owners choose this cat tattoo design to get their traditional Felix the Cat tattoo designs, it could be a cat that has just passed away, and they want to remember it, or just their own. The pet’s face needs to be placed on its body. When drawing this tattoo, attention is paid to detail to guarantee that each piece looks like the cat it is supposed to describe.

2: Bewitching Cat Eye Tattoo Design

Renowned American artist Hiram Powers once said, “The eye is the window to the soul. Passion, intent, is found in the eye.” A truer statement has never been made in all of history when it comes to cats. The eye is often seen as a conduit to reason, wisdom, and the divine.

It is recognized as an object of mysticism and meditation that brings those who possess this icon closer to the components of the afterlife. Traditional Felix the Cat tattoo designs speak to your ability to see things for more than what they are. You can investigate a situation and see each activity as an extension of something else.

3: Divine Cat Tattoo With Crown

In ancient Egypt and several other ancient civilizations, cats were also considered to be profound. Ancient artwork portrays the cat as a worshiped creature. They were likewise considered to bring good fortune and now and again misfortune.

The name feline originates from Egypt, where the feline was accepted as an extension of the moon goddess. Cats were worshiped as much as they were worshiped in Egypt. So inking a traditional Felix the Cat tattoo design on your body can mean showing respect to the religious animal.

4: Black Cat Tattoo Design:

If you don’t want something cool and intense, it’s fun to work with! You can use any dark color of your choice for the same idea as traditional Felix the Cat tattoo designs.

You can also add simple patterns if you want. It will look good wherever you want to fit it. If you’re going to experiment, you might as well put it upside down.

5: Jumping Cat on the forearm.

Just check out some of them below. It literally looks like some of them have a real cat jumping out of the skin, the 3d shading detail is great.

Whether you’re thinking of getting a portrait of your cat or just browsing through stunning artwork – enjoy!

6: Small realistic cat tattoo ideas for girls on the forearm.

This is a great design option if you’re after an unusual tattoo that will never go out of style. Choose from frames plants, and face-to-body artwork.

Places often differ when it comes to traditional Felix the Cat tattoo designs. Men tend to go for larger thigh or waist pieces, while women enjoy something more…

7: Black Cat with cat paw prints tattoos with flowers on arm.

Cat’s claw ink reflects what inspires the wearer, whether it’s a whimsical, inquisitive house cat, or the king of the jungle.

Symbolism and style are associated with behavior or characteristics that resonate or remind you of an animal.

Some choose a black cat claw to ward off bad luck, while others prefer a realistic idea or elegant line style to commemorate their beloved pet.

8: Small Guly Cat Tattoo design behind the ear.

Small traditional Felix the Cat tattoo designs on the neck behind the ear. Small simple cat neck tattoo. Smiling cat tattoo on neck. Standing cat tattoo on neck. Stylish setting cat tattoo on the ear.

9: small cute kittens and a big Cat Tattoo on my arm.

Cats are mysterious, beautiful, and infinitely lovable creatures. Therefore, tattoos with the image of these pets are especially popular among girls.

10:  Cat Tattoo for the lovers.

Minimal cat tattoos for cat lovers. Take your love for cats to the next level by getting yourself some simple yet beautiful minimalist cat tattoos, traditional Felix the Cat tattoo designs

We have compiled various tattoo ideas for our beloved pets – from subtle small tattoos and simple cat tattoos to realistic drawings ideas.

11: Single-line cats tattooed on the sleeve.

Some people prefer highly rendered tattoos with dark painterly colors, while others prefer something more minimalistic.

Detailed art is obviously beautiful, but there’s something refreshing about tattoo art that takes a more simplistic approach. Drawing a line is a minimalist art form that can be as elaborate or elaborate as you want and often results in an aesthetic tattoo.

12: Cat with leaving paw prints Tattoo designs for arm.

Pearhead Clean Ink Pads and Tags for Small Pets, Cats, or Dogs, Gifts for Pet Owners, DIY Souvenir Footprint Printer, black.

Cats leave lasting claw marks on our souls, so it’s no wonder why so many people get cat tattoos as a permanent reminder!

13: Siamese cat tattoo designs on hand.

There are different traditional Felix the Cat tattoo designs that you can explore. On the other hand, a small design will also need adequate space.

This small collection of simple cat silhouette tattoos is perfect for pet owners who … Siamese cat lovers will find this tattoo to die for.

14: Fat and thin Cat Tattoo designs on wrist.

Just like the other article, all these designs are by Playground Tattoo in Seoul,  Korea. As their bio says, they are known for being thin and short.

A tattoo artist draws the outline of a tattoo design with a tattoo of a large nerve, or because the skin is very thin with little fat.

15: black cat tattoo Pittsburgh on arm.

Black Cat Tattoo is home to some of the best tattoo artists in Pittsburgh. I have a career that doesn’t allow arm tattoos, so I’m always stuck with my legs. It’s nice not to wear clothes though.

Final Thoughts

Cartoon character tattoos are a fun option for those who want to portray nostalgic memories of their past. traditional Felix the Cat tattoo designs rose to popularity during the silent film era and haven’t faded since.

One of the things people appreciate about Felix the Cat is that he symbolizes a sense of wonder that allows people to find the best light in any situation. This is one of the many reasons why there is so much interest in traditional Felix the Cat tattoo designs.

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