What is the Biggest Cat Breeds: Meet the 8 Largest Pet Cats

Introduction Biggest Cat Breeds

According to the esteemed Guinness World Records, the title of the biggest cat breeds in the world rests on the shoulders (or rather, paws) of a Maine Coon named Mymains Stewart Gilligan, fondly known as Stewie. This gentle giant measured an astounding 123 cm (48.5 in) in length, solidifying his place as one of the largest domestic cats ever recorded. Notably, Stewie wasn’t just an embodiment of size but also a certified therapy animal, showcasing the gentle and comforting nature that often accompanies these grandiose feline companions.

Embarking on a fantastical journey into the cosmos of feline fascination, the panorama of the biggest cat breeds unfurls, offering not just a cascade of fur but a symphony of majestic proportions. Ever fancied curling up with a tiger or leopard, basking in the glory of their grandiose toe beans and colossal stature? The allure of colossal cats extends beyond the wild, seeping into the realms of domesticity. While a full-sized tiger as a pet may be a pipe dream, the universe of large domestic cats sprawls within the confines of your home.

Dive into the quest to unearth the feline behemoths, those that transcend the mundane moggy in both size and grandeur. Here, we present the elite eight, the crème de la crème of the biggest cat breeds, where each breed is a canvas painted with strokes of perplexity and burstiness.

Maine Coon

In the grand tapestry of feline enormity, Maine Coons ascend the throne. These majestic beings tip the scales at a staggering 20 pounds, stretching up to 40 inches in length. Imagine Barivel, a Maine Coon etching its name in the Guinness World Records with an astonishing length of 3ft 11.2in from head to tail tip. A feline giant that transcends the ordinary, Maine Coons, once farm cats skilled in hunting, now grace households globally with their striking appearance and playful demeanor. Fun fact: Their vocalizations defy the norm, as Maine Coons don’t meow; they yowl!


While not claiming the top spot on the size chart, Persians weave a unique spell in the realm of larger-than-life cats. Weighing around 12 pounds, their plush coat adds an extra layer of grandeur to their regal appearance. These laid-back and highly intelligent beings might even indulge in a few tricks, showcasing their brilliance. Prepare for extra grooming sessions, a small price for the regal charm they bestow.

Savannah Cat

A creature of controversy, the Savannah cat blurs the lines between domestication and wild roots. Born from the union of domesticated cats and Servals, these cats vary in size, with Arcturus Aldebaran Powers holding the record at a towering 19.05 inches from ground to withers. Size, it seems, is not the only enigma surrounding this feline.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Step into the realm of Norwegian legends, where the Norwegian Forest Cat comes alive. Weighing up to 22 pounds, this cat embodies the mystical tales of forest-dwelling felines. A sight to behold, with large paws and a thick coat, these cats are as rare as the legends that birthed them. Be prepared to be enchanted, as they tend to attach themselves to one person, making them ideal for smaller, devoted families.

Turkish Van

Hailing from the Middle East, the Turkish Van weighs between 9 to 20 pounds, with a penchant for water. Despite its name, this breed showcases a pure white body, a uniquely colored tail, and captivating blue or amber eyes. A paradox in appearance, this cat adds an element of surprise to the world of large feline companions.


Weighing up to 20 pounds, male Ragdolls surpass their female counterparts in size. Popular in the UK for their big blue eyes and charming personalities, Ragdolls are the epitome of family-friendly cats. Descended from a long-haired white cat named Josephine, they carry a legacy of charm and allure.


An eccentric name befits an eccentric appearance. Weighing around 20 pounds, the Ragamuffin, born from a schism among Ragdoll breeders, charms with rabbit-like fur and a delightful demeanor. A kaleidoscope of colors adds to the mystique of this breed.


Born from the fusion of a wild jungle cat and a domestic cat, the Chausie is a spectacle of wild elegance. Weighing up to 25 pounds, with long legs and an agile body, these cats demand attention. Suited for families with a consistent routine, their deep chests allow them to take deep breaths, embodying an endless fount of energy. Fun fact: Chausie cats have deep chests, granting them the ability to take deep breaths—an endless reservoir of vitality!

Curiosity piqued? According to Guinness World Records, the biggest cat on record was a Maine Coon named Mymains Stewart Gilligan (Stewie), measuring a whopping 123 cm (48.5 in) long. A gentle giant and a certified therapy animal, Stewie epitomizes the grandeur that the biggest cat breeds bring into our lives.

Behold our selection of the top 8 biggest cat breeds, where each cat is a canvas painted with the strokes of perplexity and burstiness. For those seeking a smaller feline companion, dive into the world of the smallest cat breeds. The feline universe is vast, and in its diversity, we find the heartbeat of true fascination.

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