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Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs that are very popular all over the world. They have beautiful coats that start with the same color and change as adults. Like all dog breeds, AKC (American Kennel Club) has strict standards for all colors and types of dog coats, not just Yorkie. But for Yorkies, they want to see blue, gold, tan, and black.

But coat colors may vary with York, and the AKC will accept them upon registration. I’m thinking of Party White York. Of course, owners can’t make jokes that don’t meet the standards. Another variation of the Yorkie coat is the chocolate parti Yorkie. This is what this article will discuss.

What Are Chocolate parti Yorkies?

The chocolate parti Yorkie coat is completely brown, but it can also be a darker shade of bronze for a light tan and may be known as red Yorkies, red-legged Yorkies, or brown Yorkies. These are the Yorkies who carry the double Rexio gene for the brown and red coats. Yorkie dogs always start life with a black coat. However, if they have persistent genes, their coat will be lighter even when they are newborns.

A chocolate parti Yorkie begins life as a chocolate parti Yorkie. This is not something they will inherit later down the line. But as we have just mentioned, they can have different shades of brown. The suggestion might be that the recessive gene is something that Yorkies inherited years ago from breeds with dogs that have primarily brown coats.

Is It Possible For Chocolate Parti Yorkies To Be Purebred?

If both parents have persistent genes and are purebred Yorkeys, the answer is yes. There are pure breeds of chocolate parti Yorkie cookies. Like Party White York, they are recognized by the AKC with certain conditions.

One thing potential owners need to be aware of is dishonesty. They will persuade unsuspecting and misguided people to believe that they are buying chocolate parti Yorkies when in fact, they are getting mixed breed dogs. The mix is between a Yorkie and another gray-coated race. Puppies can look like chocolate parti Yorkie.

Before buying such a dog, you should use your diligence. Breeders will receive a premium for the dog because they claim to be the rarest type of Yorkie.

The Chocolate Parti Yorkie-Genetic Makeup

Dog coats have so many different colors that it is surprising that only two coats determine the color of all dog coats. The two oils are feminine (red) and eumelanin (black).

Both oils are a type of melanin and as incredible as it sounds, there are many types of coat colors. The hair follicles contain cells called melanocytes, and as the dog’s hair grows, these cells add melanin to the hair. The higher the melanin, the darker the hair.

Of course, nothing works at all. The same is true of melanin. Sometimes due to uneven distribution, the tip of the dog’s hair may receive more melanin than the rest of the hair, resulting in the dog’s hair becoming much darker.

How Are Yorkies Born Brown?

As we mentioned, eumelanin and phaeomelanin determine black and red, but there are other genes as well. One gene, TYRP1, increases the production of black eumelanin against brown, and in Yorkshire Terriers, this gene is dominant, so their hair turns black when born.

Yorkies are brown because of the constant changes in the TYRP1 gene that reduce the effects, and instead of black, you turn brown. This is the ‘b’ allele gene.

If both Yorkie parents have the ‘B’ allele gene, they may have a brown puppy in their litter. But both parents must have genes. The combination of the ‘b’ allele gene and the family gene can also produce a lighter color, such as tan or light brown.

Is Chocolate Parti Yorkies Prone To Health Issues?

A person with a recessive gene will not have any unusual health problems compared to a normal Yorkie without a gene. chocolate parti Yorkie lives like average Yorkies.

Unless, of course, you find a breeder who is actively trying to breed a chocolate parti Yorkie and has no concern for the dog’s health and well-being. Such breeders only care about the extra money they earn by selling chocolate parti Yorkie. When the fact is that the breeder is at fault, the breeder’s mindset can make chocolate parti Yorkies more susceptible to health problems.

It is the breeder’s responsibility to ensure that the litter he or she breeds does not contain any undesirable health benefits.

Will Your Chocolate Parti Yorkie Be Registered With The AKC?

Breeding standards for AKC always include references to acceptable coat types and colors. So most people think that because a chocolate parti Yorkie doesn’t fit those conditions, it won’t get into the AKC.

Fortunately, this is not true. You can register your chocolate parti Yorkie as a Lever Yorkshire Terrier. There are one or two conditions; Both parents must be registered with AKC, and Liver Yorkshire Terriers cannot participate in shows or competitions.

If this is what you are considering, then chocolate parti Yorkie will not be what you need, but if Yorkie dogs are just going to be a family pet, then no problem.

Chocolate Parti Yorkie Prices

As with all things, when demand exceeds supply, prices rise. Since chocolate parti Yorkie is not particularly common and interest in them increases, you will have to pay a premium. So imagine there would be a guideline for up to 6,000.

I can’t repeat that very often, though, double and triple-check everything about the breeders you’re talking to about chocolate parti Yorkie. Don’t take anything at face value.

Are Chocolate Parti Yorkies purebred?

In general, yes. Purebreed chocolate parti Yorkie puppies can be born if both parents have the correct recessive genes.

However, it is possible to meet an unreliable breeder who can crossbreed one Yorkie with another dog breed to produce brown Yorkie dogs, so you should always do your homework.

Some believe that somewhere in their ancestors, the Yorkshire Terriers were cross-bred with the Manchester Terriers to produce a brown color, but this has not been confirmed.


There is a lot of information about chocolate parti Yorkies, some accurate and some that are not. In addition, there are many opinions that may or may not be based on fact. It’s up to you to decide what is right and what is wrong, especially when chocolate parti Yorkie will be a part of your family for many years to come. 

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