Cat in Blender Guy Real Story Behind It Was This Video Is Fake Or Real?

Cat in Blender Full Video

Today a video is going viral on TikTok and Facebook very fast in which a person can be seen putting a kitten in a blender and blending it. Why was the oppression done? Is this video really true or a lie? In this video, the video that is going viral on Facebook and Tik Tok is an animated video, but this video is based on reality, its original video is up. You can see on your screen later this guy takes the same cat out of the blender and puts it in the oven, but this video that went viral recently is not yours, but it was uploaded on YouTube 15 years ago, which you can see.

Cat in Blender Original Video

And the person who has done this work is being told to be from China and along with this, a news is also going viral that legal action has been taken against this person and there are also protests in different countries about this feat. It has happened but actually all this is a lie nothing happened because this incident is not of Aaj but of Aaj 15 years ago the guy who made this video was mentally very well as can be seen in this video That some people are standing back laughing and a guy is putting a kitten in a blender and blending it. Guys, this video was made on purpose with the whole planning to do all this with this kitten. The video has been shot in a proper way

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