How Can You Read INFODOG Results?

1. Recent Show Results:

  • InfoDog Results Calendar: This section displays results for shows held within the past 6 months by MB-F, Inc. ( Each entry typically includes:
    • Show name and date
    • Location
    • Breed(s) judged
    • Judge(s)
    • Link to detailed results (may include class winners, placements, and additional information)

2. Older Show Results:

  • Search by Show Name: If the show you’re interested in is older than 6 months, you can search for it by name using the search bar on the InfoDog website ( The detailed results will likely follow a similar format as recent shows in the calendar.

Understanding the Detailed Results:

The specific details provided in the results can vary depending on the show and the information recorded. However, they might typically include:

  • Class: The specific category dogs competed in (e.g., Puppy, Veteran, Stud Dog)
  • Placings: The position awarded to each dog in the class (e.g., 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Honorable Mention)
  • Dog’s name, registered name, and call name
  • Handler’s name
  • Owner’s name
  • Dog’s breed and S…
  • Additional information: This could include titles earned, points awarded, or judge’s comments (depending on the level of detail recorded)

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